We are committed to the economic and social development of the society ensuring a sustainable livelihood for all through our initiatives by contributing 5% of our annual profits to Equitas Development Initiatives Trust (EDIT) & Equitas Healthcare Foundation.


Pavement Dwellers Rehabilitation

Equitas birds nest program finds new livelihood creation for the urban Ultra poor by providing the financial support and ensure they have their new home with our multi stage filtering process of supporting, skill training.  


  • No of Families Rehabilitated: 2016
  • No of families attended the skill training program: 470
  • No of families attained self-sustainable status: 1501
How your support can create a world of difference ?

To support families residing in the pavement, click here

  • Support a family find a roof over their head
  • Help a family afford their housing expenses

 Food & Financial help to ultra poor families                            



Rehabilitating homeless