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Our Core Values

Fair and Transparent - Our Core Values
Equitas is committed to the core values of transparency and trustworthiness. Transparency is about being open. It’s about being real and genuine and telling the truth in a way people can verify. It’s based on the principles of honesty, openness, integrity and authenticity. Whereas, trustworthiness is the quality of the individual in whom we can place our trust and rest assured that the trust will not be betrayed.
At Equitas, we Hire for Attitude, Train for Skills and Reward Performance. We take utmost care in selecting like-minded people who can embrace this culture, be genuine, value-driven and deliver as promisedto customers. We do not compromise in building our company on this solid foundation which will provide tremendous, lasting stability - no matter what changes may be ahead.

Great place to work
Equitas has consistently featured in the Top 50 list of India’s Best Companies to Work for, a study conducted by Great Places to Work Institute. Workplace trust is built through day-to-day experiences and we make sincere attempts to provide our employees an atmosphere that fosters trust, boosts the degree of pride and improves camaraderie. Employees believe they work for a great organization if they feel that they are being treated fairly, are respected and are considered as an invaluable asset. It's our passion to create a better world and make our organisation truly a great workplace. Wherever you are on your journey, we invite you to join us and help us towards creating a great workplace experience for all of us.
Reward and Recognition
Recognition is an important need in the social/emotional dimension of a person. As goes the saying - “What gets measured, gets done”, we at Equitas also believe in recognising individual efforts as they serve as fuel in the furnace of achievement. We have various recognition and reward programs in the form of Performance Linked Incentives, Branch Awards, Increments and Promotions. This is done to recognize employees instantaneously for their extraordinary efforts which results in significant benefits for the organization or customer or both.