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Equitas Bank gets cracking on demonetization

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Last week the nation was brought to a standstill as 500 & 1000 rupee notes in your pockets were no longer accepted!
While the citizen’s didn’t know what to do, Equitas Bank was in action. We were the first and probably even today the only bank to have reached out to all sections of the society through our door step banking service. The entire team came together and got cracking to infuse liquidity for the needy.
We sent out mobile vans to slums and opened counters at their doorstep and swapped their old notes for valid currencies of smaller denomination in many locations serving thousands of people.
Fun highlights
  • Over 500 walk-ins per day per branch
  • Door step banking made operations at Residential societies, Slums and IT parks
  • 40 liability branches turned operational in record time to serve the surging demand