NRI Inward Remittance Card Rate: 20-01-2022
Foreign Currency Quoted Vs INR Currency Rate applicable
United States Dollar USD 73.85
Euro EUR 83.70
Great Britain Pound GBP 100.45
Japanese Yen JPY 0.64
Australian Dollar AUD 52.85
Canadian Dollar CAD 58.45
Swiss Francs CHF 79.74
Danish Krone DKK 10.99
Hong Kong Dollar HKD 9.36
Norwegian Krone NOK 8.25
New Zealand Dollar NZD 48.93
Saudi Rial SAR 19.53
Swedish Kroner SEK 7.94
Singapore Dollar SGD 54.77
South African Rand ZAR 4.71
UAE Dirhan AED 19.95

Note: The above rates are subject to market fluctuations and Intra-day movement in currency rates. The rates are

TENTATIVE/ INDICATIVE and are not the final rates.

Please contact your nearest Equitas Small Finance Bank branch for the final rates before proceeding with the transaction. The rates are subject to change without notice. Equitas Small Finance Bank does not accept any responsibility for any action taken based on the above rates.

Equitas Small Finance Bank is not obligated to update the information contained in the forex rate list available on the Bank's website, and the service of providing forex rates may be dis-continued at any time without notice.

Remittances upto USD 9,999/- or equivalent would be converted at the Card Rates.