Street Shopping made simpler

April 2018

When it is a weekend and you have a plan to go for shopping with your friend, you know there will be a hole in your pocket. Even after your cash ran out, if there is a 50% sale you will obviously run to ATM.....

6 Simple Steps to Block / Unblock your Debit Card

Let’s assume that you’d gone shopping with your friends to the mall. After an exhausting but fun-filled day of shopping, you come home all excited to try on the clothes you bought,...

How NACH can influence your mutual fund Segment

NACH is much better than ECS when it comes to SIP registration for your Mutual Fund investment. Unlike ECS, NACH mandate registration...

3 Steps to make highway a better place to drive?

A long drive is something to look forward. The breezy drizzles, road-side aromatic dhabas, buzzing wind, the fresh grass smell, and the list goes on...

Here’s a quick trick to reach office on time

When was the last time you’ve been stuck on traffic and honking at the vehicles in the toll queues. It happened yesterday too, right? It’s a hectic schedule to reach office from your suburban homes...

4 Ways you can avoid some expensive mistakes while on trips:

Trips can get expensive.Pre-planning for a trip can help cut down expenses drastically.A few ways we can avoid some expensive mistakes while on trips are:

Are you a person who is always on-road? Then you must read this!

Everyone loves to be on-road (who doesn’t?!). Discovering new places, meeting new people gives you so much of enthusiasm than you could ever get from being at home...

The Dummies' Guide to Debit Cards.

Have no idea what a debit card is, how it works and its advantages? High time you up your banking game!


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Equitas Small Finance Bank is a new age bank that is giving children, youth, families and business people across India a new and fun way to bank. In our time as a micro finance company, we silently went about enabling livelihoods and elevating lives.

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The days of Banking being Drab and dreary are over. In the Equitas Era of Fun Banking, get your High five's when you visit our Branch. Watch our fun music videos. Chat with our expert mimicry artists on Customer support, and this is only the start. We take banking seriously, but with a smile!