Can You Have Fun While Banking? Quiz | Equitas Small Finance Bank


Take this quiz to find out

1. If you enter a crowded bank what would be your first thought ?

 a) Leave

 b) Wait for a little longer for the crowd to clear out

 c) Push through the crowd like a boss.


2. What would you do to complete your work faster in a bank?

 a) Demand to see the higher professional

 b) wake up early and go before it gets crowded

 c) Become friendly with the staff


3. How would you react if you lose your phone in a bank ?

 a) Scream

 b) complain about it to a bank employee

 c) apply for a loan to get a new phone.


4. On a Scale of 1 to 10 how bored do you get in a bank?


5. Why will “you” visit a bank?

 a) Because you have no other better thing to do

 b) To deposit cash

 c) To apply for a loan


6. Do you think it is necessary to own a debit card?

 a) No

 b) Yes

 c) Maybe, it sounds cool.


7. If you work in a bank what designation would you be ?

 a) Guard

 b) Board of directors

 c) Manager


8. How formal is your bank?

 a) The most formal and boring bank ever

 b) Slightly formal

 c) Coolest bank ever.


9. Do you think the atmosphere of a bank matters?

 a) No it doesn't at all

 b) Yes, atmosphere makes a difference

 c) The atmosphere of a bank is the most important part.


10. What do you expect when you call a bank’s customer service?

 a) A voice pronouncing your name wrong.

 b) A cute baby’s voice

 c) the voice of your favorite superstar



IF MOST OF YOUR ANSWERS ARE “A” then - you’re not fit to have a bank account

IF MOST OF YOUR ANSWERS ARE “B” then - you should visit Equitas bank.

If most of your answers are “C” then - open an account in “EQUITAS” bank as soon as possible.