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5 Reasons why you should choose Fixed Deposit!


Fixed deposits are one of the safest form of investments, which offers attractive rate of interest along with assured returns over a period. The capital invested in fixed deposit is free of market volatility. By investing in Fixed Deposit, you not only effectively save your money, but also help your money make more money.

  1. Guaranteed Returns - If you invest your money in a Fixed Deposit, you can be rest assured of risk free returns. However, this will largely depend on the tenure of the FD. In India, Fixed Deposits are the traditional way of investment. Understanding that, we at Equitas Bank provide attractive interest rates on FD’s up to 6% * p.a. for 888 days and 0.50% additional interest for Senior Citizens.
  2. Decide your Payment cycle FD allows you to choose how you wish to receive interest. You can choose the following options -
    • Quarterly payout: Paid at the end of every calendar quarter
    • Monthly** payout: If you are interested in a fixed income
    • Re-investment FD: To be paid during maturity.
  3. Flexible Tenures - Fixed Deposits have flexible tenures. You can open a FD account in Equitas Small Finance Bank for a tenure ranging as short as 7 days to as long as 10 years.
  4. Act as your best friend - During emergencies when you are in need of cash, a FD can serve you as your best friend. FDs are assets that can be converted to cash swiftly. You can also avail the benefit of waiver of Non-Maintenance Charges* in your Savings Account against FD with Equitas.
  5. Withdraw with no penalty - You can withdraw the amount you have deposited in yourFD accountat any time. For premature withdrawals, Equitas Bank will not charge you any penalty if the fixed deposit has been in force for 6 months or above

    A quick way to apply for a Fixed Deposit is by filling in your details here.If you already have an account with us at Equitas Bank, you are just few taps away from choosing your FD on our Mobile / Internet Banking. Or if you don’t mind the occasional stroll, walk into a branch closest to you and choose our Fixed Deposit today!

* Fixed Deposit Interest Rates are subject to change from time to time.
** For monthly payout fixed deposits, the interest rate will be discounted on a quarterly compounding basis. Partial and Premature withdrawal not allowed for FDs booked with monthly payout).

#Subject to Terms and Conditions. Please refer Schedule of Charges