Choose the odd one out! | Equitas Small Finance Bank

Choose the odd one out!


What does a savings account welcome kit has?

 a) A miniature bat.

 b) Not so great cheque book

 c) A usual textured debit card

 d) A boring welcome letter


2. Which card is worth to carry in your wallet

 a) Debit card with CSK Player images

 b) Plain colour Debit card

 c) A debit card without your name

 d) A not so much to offer debit card


3. How would you like to open an account

 a) An interactive video form to open your account.

 b) 4 page long form

 c) A relationship manager with a notepad

 d) To call customer care and open an account


4. Why do you prefer swiping instead of cash

 a) Exciting Equinox to reward me for my every spends.

 b) I like the way the card is been swiped in the machine.

 c) I hate to carry cash

 d) It’s nice to show-off my debit card


5. What is convenience?

 a) Getting your FASTag from the comfort of your home.

 b) Waiting in the queue, just to fill-up a form

 c) Calling customer care for everything

 d) Paying with cheque



If all of your answers are ‘option a’, then you are a fun-lover and you should try Equitas Fun Banking. We choose fun not to stand apart but to deliver fun banking experience to our customers.

If all of your answers are ‘option b’, then it seems you got used to boring banking. So, try out something new and fun.

If all of your answers are ‘option c’, then you are an abrasive person and you need to loosen up.

If your answers are ‘option d’, maybe you are from 80’s and you need to adapt to this millennia.